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Dreamforge Magazine is an independent, small press  Magazine of Positive Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Our Print Magazine is beautifully illustrated in Full Color by nationally known and award winning illustrators like Elizabeth Leggett, Mark Zingarelli, Cassandre Bolan, and John Blumen. We have stories by well known fantasy and SF favorites like Jane Lindskold and David Weber, as well as award winning voices like L. Deni Colter and Writers of the Future alumni Lee Melling.

In all worlds and times, our tales revolve around those individuals and groups who bring meaning and value to the world, whose actions are of consequence, and whose dreams are the vanguard of things to come. Whether you call that Solarpunk, Hopepunk, or just DreamForge stories, you’ll find them here.


Meet George O’Connor from and see his latest work.

George likes to write. A lot. He co-created the comics HEALED and BABY with his friend and illustrator, Griffin Ess. He’s also contributed stories to various comics anthologies. On the web, he created the series 664-The Neighbor of the Beast, along with over 60 short films. And some how he also juggles playing guitar in his metal and punk rock bands.


Meet Artist and Podcast host Griffin Ess from!

When not working on art for HEALED and BABY, Griffin teaches non-artists how to art and he helps other professional creators sort navigate the road blocks they run into in their projects. He also hosts a podcast for creative types (Creative Acclimation Podcast) and another podcast strictly for fun and enjoyment (Phone Hugs & Therapy).
Most recently he has illustrated a 78-card Tarot Deck.

HB COMICS – Publisher

HB Comics is a self-publishing comic book studio, owned by two brothers from Boston, MA.

Fueled by a genuine love of super hero comics, our goal is to create the kind of classic style super-hero stories that got us into comics in the comics in the first place.  With great titles like Team Synergy, Laserman, Vindication, and Mystery Man.

Welcome to the New Mainstream

Check out all of HB Comics titles at

JAY MOOERS – Artist, Author

Upper Valley Comic Expo is excited to welcome Jay Mooers to our convention. A talented Artist and Author.

Jay Mooers is an avid story-teller and uses every tool in his arsenal to tell them, be it paint, words, or even theater. He began his art career by directing and writing stage plays including a series of fantasy adventures called Bloodlines. He also created the webcomic Next to Nowhere. He illustrated children’s books and horror novels, along with painting murals and portraits throughout the years. In 2011, Jay completed his first solo novel, Illweed, the success of which prompted him to begin his comic series, Autumn Grey. With two titles under his belt, Jay co-founded Eden Park Tales in 2013 to publish these stories and more. His comic experience expanded, creating exclusive comic series and artwork for conventions including Chase Con in NY, Vermont Comic Con, and Lock City Comic Con in Connecticut as well as an assortment of indie comics with other writers. He has also done illustration work for Fallout, Elvira, Wizard of Oz and Sezame Street with Rusty Inc. and worked for Dynamite Comics on projects including Kiss, Dejah Thoris, Chaos, Vampirella, and Bettie Page.

You can check out his comics as well as other work via his publishing website,

PETER VINTON – Artist, Author

Peter is both an Artist and Author as well as a veteran of the Comic-con circuit:

For more than 25 years, Peter Vinton Jr. has been providing dazzling otherworldly characters and settings to such genre publications as Aberrations, Medusa’s Hairdo, and even on the cover of Lost Worlds. His clients range from the Maryland Renaissance Festival to the U.S. Secret Service.  Keep a watchful eye out for his own series The Monitor’s Guild, a tale of how the Second American Revolution came to be. 

A native Vermonter, Vinton is a graduate of Vermont College of the Union Institute (Montpelier). Vinton also enjoys studying American history, listening to Rush, Frank Zappa, and Roger Waters, and debating Doctor Who minutae on the internet. He remains a Cancer but says he wants to “keep his options open” and hasn’t ruled out being a Libra or perhaps even a Virgo someday.


Stacey is the author of My Sister the Zombie, Ordinary Boy, Secret Things: Twelve Tales to Terrify, and five other books that have nothing to do with horror. Her short story “Of Giraffes and Men,” featured in Carnival of Fear, garnered this pearl of a review: “This is one of the sickest, creepiest and gag-worthy stories I’ve read in a while. While reading it I was engrossed and almost got up to barf.” You, too, can barf at her books by visiting her page on Amazon at, or at