An Important Message From the Staff of the Upper Valley Comic Expo

We are living in interesting, uncertain times. Planning for the future seems at times to be futile. The staff of UVCe are committed to making this event happen, to give back to a shuttered community a chance to safely return to normalcy. A chance for the artists and writers involved in bring this event to you, the opportunity to once again bring back to the community the pleasures of their art and artistry as well as letting the artists, who have felt the fires dim, the opportunity to once again share the joy of their creations which is the reason they create.

We are committed to this event. Arrangements have been made in case this pandemic continues on past a safe time for it to happen but there must be a light at the tunnel. So, for all of our convention friends and partners, Don’t stop planning. Don’t stop caring. Don’t stop working to a common goal and a return to normalcy. The normalcy we all need and deserve.

So, as of now, it is our intention to see you all in October. Please plan on joining us.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay weird.

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